Post-doctoral position (3 years)

In the framework of COMTESSA, we offer a post-doc position at the forefront of atmospheric research in boundary-layer turbulence and turbulent dispersion. The position is available for three years, extensions are possible subject to funding availability. The successful candidate will contribute to the following tasks:

  • Numerical simulation of turbulence and turbulent dispersion in the atmospheric boundary layer by large-eddy simulation, Lagrangian stochastic models and a combination of these modelling methods.
  • Participate in field campaigns in Norway and abroad to measure atmospheric boundary layer turbulence and turbulent dispersion. These campaigns will involve the deployment of multiple instrumented masts equipped with e.g. multiple sonic anemometers and fast gas analysers.
  • Scientific data analysis, interpretation, development of model closures and parameterizations and investigation of fundamental aspects of turbulent flows and turbulent dispersion.
  • Publish the results in scientific journals.

For more details see: PostDoc_position.

Deadline for application is 10 July 2016.


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